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Watercolor has become all the rage around Unity lately. I’m always fascinated by Swarup’s brilliant and vibrant cards using Unity stamps with this medium. 
In the past, I’ve tried watercolor pencils, crayons, and even distress inks and pens to colorize stamped images to try and recreate that watercolor artist vibe.
Often times, I’m very satisfied with the end result, and sometimes, I’m just NOT. Since February of this year, my new favorite way to watercolor
stamped images is by using a computer program called ArtRage 4 (also available for iPhone and iPad).
ArtRage will simulate painting, like the wetness & thickness, so that the brushes work like real life brushes. You can smear paint, blend colors, and work with textures to get natural-looking projects. It’s FUN!
I’ve prepared a video for you all today demonstrating ArtRage 4 as well as a second video on how
I assembled the tag below focusing on a Unity stamp and sentiment from the June Kit of the Month, “In Love with Love”.
find beauty tag
(clicking on the image will take you to the member page at Unity)
In the video below, I demonstrate how to open a new painting, import a scanned stamped image, how to resize the watercolor, gloop, and pen brushes, and how to import
pictures to use as color palettes, and then how to use the color sampler to sample colors for use from those pictures. I also demonstrate how to rotate the image, crop, and export the image, and a bit on how to
use layers, erase, etc.  There’s probably a few other things in there, too, as it’s a little over 15 minutes. In the video, I’m using the PC version of ArtRage 4 with a Wacom tablet and stylus. Another benefit of
the program you can see in the video below is that you can zoom into an image and see it much larger.  Have you ever wanted to do that in real life with a stamped image?  Just to get into the
nook and cranny of the image to color in more detail? As I’ve gotten older, I must admit, coloring images in detail has grown difficult for me to do. This feature could help you.
And in the video below, I show you how I assembled the tag using the image I colored in the above video.
With the above videos, I hope I have inspired you to use your stamps in a whole new way!
I’d like to leave you with the wise words below. Embrace this philosophy and not only will you be a much happier crafter but you will craft happily more often.
That’s what this is all about!
(Poster found on Etsy through Pinterest)

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