Monday, May 12, 2014

Kit-of-the-Month Monday: Happy Birthday Tag

I love to make birthday cards BUT I enjoy making tags MORE!

Attaching tags to kraft colored gift bags is an awesome way to present a gift to a loved one, coworker, teacher, etc. 

Make your tags ahead of time, stock up on gift bags, and you’ll always have a quick and easy way to present a gift.

happy bday tag

Below is a video showing how I assembled the tag above.

Please post any questions, comments, or if there is anything you would like explained.

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I used the birthday cake stamp from this month’s Kit of the Month, entitled “Hey Girl”, on the tag above.

This is an impressive kit! LOOK—something for everyone!

(CLICK on the image--it will take you to the product page at Unity)


I hope you have an AMAZING week!


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2suns said...

Such a colorful tag. Like to see stamps used for other things beside a card.

Mandi said...

I Love the tag Camille you put so much detail into all of your work. Your dog is cute too :)

Camille Robinson said...

Thanks, Mandi! She's in my arms quite a bit when I'm crafting. She's my cuddlewuddlebug, Lol.

Ann Mcclenaghan said...

That was a great video showing step by step. Thank you. I love tags but am sometimes at a loss as to what to actually do with them. Very cute and happy! It was sweet how much 'help' you had from your furry kid. A cutie pie. I have the same but with cats and they are usually laying right in the middle of project.

Ann Mcclenaghan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lagene said...

Fantastic tag card!!!! Thanks for the great video! Were the bottom and top layers of the cake paper pieced?

Camille Robinson said...

Thanks, Ann & Lagene! The bottom of the cake was paper pieced but the top two layers were watercolored.

jules said...

TY for the video....LOVEIT!

Dawn LL said...

Such a fun design! Thanks for sharing the seeing the pup join you. The sewing is such a nice touch on projects

Gaylynn said...

Such a a fun and unique tag. Love the different layers and the little awning. Great video and cute puppy. :)

scrapclose2theheart said...

Very pretty. Thanks for the video. My 9 lb
Puppy always wants to sit on my shoulder like a parrot and it makes it hard for me to work. :-)

Camille Robinson said...

If only there were puppy holsters/carriers. I'd holster mine--one on each hip. Next sewing project maybe.

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