Inspiration Wednesday

Hello everyone,
....Swarup here sharing a watercolored piece with a video which will hopefully inspire you to pick up a brush and start painting!

Inspiration is everywhere and we just need to train our eyes and look for it. I feel nature is one the best sources  of inspiration and often  carry my sketchbook with me when I go out to make some quick thumbnail sketches or  note down some interesting color combinations and designs . But as much as I love painting  and coloring, my drawing is not really my strong point and that is where stamps come to my rescue!

The one I have used today shows how easy it can be to achieve an artsy kind of a look using stamps and Unity has a lovely collection of such stamps which lend themselves so well to coloring.

Here is the stamp I have used for today's project...Faceless beauty

Here is the video..

Watch on You Tube

And before I let you go is a quote I truly believe in.....


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