DT Tuesday with Camille Robinson

Happy Tuesday fellow Unity Lovers!

It’s Camille here today to share a scrapbook layout using some past kits of the month with an Itty-Bitty,

AND I’m going to share a tag I put together using a quote by John Lennon using April’s SMAK Kit!

Let’s get DT Tuesday started!


I always enjoy scrapbooking good photos of my family, but sometimes I also like to focus on the silly pictures. 

A couple weeks back we took a trip to Farrell’s for the first time to enjoy some ice cream treats.  My youngest daughter, Gwen, decided she wanted the Triple Chocolate Brownie Sundae.

As you can see by her wide-eyed look, this treat may have been a bit much for her stomach to handle, but I assure you, it was all finished at the end as she had help from mom.

This quick little vine shows a bit more detail.

I used the following Kits of the Month and Itty-Bitty which helped me put the finishing touches the layout needed to make it shine, just like cherries on top!

(clicking on the image will take you to the product page at Unity—Just CLICK)

You Make My Heart Puffy April 2013

(“capturing everything” located at the bottom of the layout)


Love the Little Things from June 2013

(“Love the Little Things” banner located toward the top of the layout)


Strength & Dignity November 2013

(embellishment flower located toward the bottom of the layout)


Spin, Baby Itty-Bitty

(embellishment located toward the top of the layout)



Below is a picture of the tag I made using a quote by John Lennon that just fits so well with this month’s SMAK Kit.

love is the flower 

Love is the flower you’ve got to let Grow—John Lennon

This quick little vine shows how the light shines through the tag to illuminate the quote.

(clicking on the image will take you to the product page at Unity—just CLICK!)


Now it’s time for YOU to shine!


Below is a card made by Ruth Edel-Hansen. It’s absolutely stunning don’t you think?

Ruth posted this to the Unity {Show&Tell} Facebook page and I’m so HAPPY she did! Inspiration for sure!

Here’s a link to Ruth’s blog post where she also shares a tutorial on how she made her flowers:



Here’s a link to the UNITY {Show&Tell} Facebook Page, so you can JOIN in the fun, too:


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