We have some LUCKY winners to announce!

Are you one of our LUCKY 7 winners??? 
We have picked our winners from OUR Lucky 7 orders. 
 Cross your fingers and see if your luck has turned.

If your name is listed below, you are one LUCKY girl!!!

Lori Uren-KOM for 6 months
Mindy Langus-SMAK for 6 months
Saman Rabbani-SOTW for 6 months
Erin Carnes-LOL for 6 months
Kristina Deyette-$50 Gift Certificate
Patricia Shinder-$50 Gift Certificate
Kathy Coombs-$50 Gift Certificate


Email kelli@unitystampco.com to claim your prize.
Please mention which prize you won in your email
and you have 2 weeks to claim your prize...
 you LUCKY, LUCKY girls!!!