Inspiration Wednesday!

Hey there, Unity Peeps!
I am bringing you some scrapbook inspiration today.  Now, it must be said that I enjoy seeing all of the cool Unity cards out there.  it's amazing what people can to with our stamps.  The coloring skills alone are impressive.
With that being said, there is no way I have time to make cards.  I have close to a gazillion photos to scrap.  Plus, i would most likely have the urge to beat down anyone who threw away a card that I made.  I have no time for jail. :)
I noticed this chick's blog and I was diggin' it.  Her name is Miwa and she creates really good layouts.  Check this:
I really liked her use of the arrow and polka dots, so I went ahead and combined the two.  See here:

Just check the web...Unity inspiration is EVERYWHERE! :)
Stamps used:

Have a super (and if you are from the midwest, SNOWY) Wednesday! 
:) Jen Erickson

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