One heck of a SOUL, this gal. :)

now for an uneventful visual visit after the TALENTED

Noelle McAdams

i love cath. 
it is really easy to do.
and...most likely she is expecting EXACTLY this post. 
'cause she knows me. 
this is my project.


i would have made a really great card. or project. or SOMETHING for her.
but i didn't.
'cause my child came home from college...and surprised me.
at the last minute.
and i just HAD the last minute.
{as always} 
so NOTHING got done.

I pretty much KNEW that CATH would have wanted me to just do my thing. 
with my boy.

'cause she does her thing, and HAS... beautifully - for so long.
that is why we all love her.

MAY THE NEXT journey you take be as beautiful as you dream it will be.
one beautiful adventure after another for one phenomenal gal.

i hope one day we will see one another again...because truth be told...
SHE always makes me fell a WHOLE ton of HAPPY. 

Cheryl Valadez