Thursday, November 28, 2013

GRATEFUL. and full of LOVE for the MOMENT.


thanks. giving.
i love this day.
don't you?

i love this day a little bit MORE and MORE each year.

well, for the obvious reasons. 

we eat. 
we laugh.
we talk smart. 
then we eat again.
that all in itself is GOOD. GOOD. GOOD.

thanks. giving.

it's the EASY holiday.
forget gifts. 
and decorations.
and craziness.
just be....
with the people you love. love. love.
look around. 
take it all in.

THAT is all you have to do.
so MAYBE your turkey is dry.
or the stuffing sucks.
perhaps the potatoes are gluey...and you completely FORGOT the canned cranberries.
nobody cares.
{...and neither will you if you REMEMBERED the wine! HA! - kidding} 

the point is.
let this day be beautiful.
we work hard for these moments.
let gratitude set in. 
take notice. 
take a deep breath.

it was all worth it - EVERYTHING. 
just to get you to THIS day.
so let it be beautiful.
put ALL that is GOOD in front of ALL that is BAD.
YOU deserve a moment of peace. 
you really, really do. 

do you KNOW how grateful WE ARE FOR YOU?!
because you support our little company EVERY DAY
the families that are involved with UNITY get to have a moment of peace.
with no worries. 
the world gets to stand still.
gosh i love that.
it is this trickle down effect.
YOU help US help our people and their families. 
REMEMBER that always. - and how much we appreciate YOU.
because today is a good day to be THANKS giving.

Wanna be inspired a little more.
Go for a little UNITY HOP.
Leave some love for the girls that have made something special today.

We have NO SALES. 

are you there?
are you there?
but believe me 
we will make up for it.
CYBER MONDAY is just a moment away.

this is what is coming up. 

stop by unity when you are TIRED of shopping for everyone else.
you can get something for you.
really cheap. 
just saying.

new releases and a BIT OF A REPEAT of Brown Thursday. 
yep. for real.

so GO HOP. 
leave some LOVE for the girls for a chance to win THESE pretties.
FASHIONISTAS by Tracey Malnofski.

then GO ENJOY the rest of your day.

HUGS and love to you ALL!!!
from US.
to you. 

HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY Thanksgiving.
with all our hearts.
mag & ang.


Julie said...

Such a wonderfully inspiring blog hop, filled with so much inspiration! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone at Unity!

Arymlede said...

Happy Thanksgiving. We are greatful for Unity team and products.

Lisa Lucchese said...

Thanks for the inspiration everyone! Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

Gaylynn said...

Such heartfelt words for thanksgiving. So true and so meaningful. Made my day. Taking a moment out of my cooking chores to visit and wish you all a wonderful day of thanks. Happy Thanksgiving. :)

WhoMom said...

Woot! Something to do for me today, fun. Blog hops are so full of wonderful ideas and I'm glad you are taking the Thanksgiving Weekend off to enjoy family. It's the most important thing God has given me and I am truly thankful.

scrapper al said...

Wishing every one at Unity a happy and bountiful Thanksgiving!

Toni K said...

Great hop! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

suzieq23 said...

I am so thankful for my family, friends, good health and happiness. I am wishing your family the same and enjoy your day!

Vicki said...

Love your stamps, company and am thankful that you are here. Happy Thanksgiving

Ruby said...

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone at Unity and your family and friends.

Lisa Angela said...

Happy Thanksgiving....I am so happy and grateful I found your company on facebook about a year ago....and now I am so hooked on your stamps! The corner of my bedroom is filled with your stamps in beautiful baskets displayed for everyone to see. Thank you for being you....I love Unity!

Shazza said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Off to hop x

Cynthia said...

Fabulous Hop! Happy Thanksgiving, Angela.

Kris B said...

Thanks for a great hop! Have a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving!

Kathy Maguire said...

Happy Thanksgiving Day, Angela and Mr. Unity! I hope you are having a great time with your family and thank you for thinking of us and giving us a great blog hop with such beautiful creations today! Cheers!

Kathy Maguire said...

ps. I forgot to say that I am very thankful for Unity! Thanks for all you do for us, every day! Blessings, light and love for a wonderful day!

Crafters Guild Sisters said...

Great hop! Happy Thanksgiving, Unity :)

cghundley said...

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
Carla from Utah

Rachel W K said...

thank YOU for bringing us such an amazing company with friendly customer service and great quality stamps!! enjoy your weekend off! happy thanksgiving :)
-Rachel w k

Katie S. said...

I always love the blog hop! Gave me something to do while I sit here almost comatose!

jennifer mitten said...

Who needs a sale? I love Unity!

Angeline Choo said...

Happy Thanksgiving Angela, MR Unity and the rest of the DT gals!! You have all been so amazing.

Jen said...

AWESOME hop! There's so many cool projects!

EstherT said...

Thank you so much for hosting a blog hop on your holiday ... it was wonderful.

Julie Odil said...

Thanks for another great hop!

Debra said...

You guys are such a kind and giving company! So glad I found you! Hope your Thanksgiving is awesome! Hugs, Debra

KC said...

awesome hop! happy Thanksgiving!

Miwa said...

Hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving! Thank you for being such an awesome company! Thank you also for the fun blog hop! :)

Teresa Godines #6857 said...

Wonderful hop today. Hope everyone had a safe and wonderful holiday.

cal8007 said...

I'm thankful that you are such a great company with the greatest customer service ever!! Love creating with your stamps!

deb said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Can't wait til Cyber Monday! :o)

Tereasa Wilson said...

What a beautiful definition of Thanksgiving! Love it! Looking forward to cyber Monday! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

gma654 said...

Great and inspiring blog hop Happy Thanksgiving to all!

mlady012 said...

I'm thankful for all the creativity of the Unity family!! It was an especially inspirational hop!

Iris said...

Great hop. Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving.
isoscia at aol dot com

Ann Mcclenaghan said...

Fun fun fun!! What a great prize !!
Thanks for the chance to win good stuff.

Debbie Craine said...

Thanks for the hop. I enjoyed every moment of it.

Betty: Reflections with Coffee said...

Fun blog hop! Thanks!

michele parish said...

I just found your website through an online tutorial! Oh my gosh! Your kits are awesome! I am definitely signing up for the stamps. Decisions, decisions. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity for winning a great prize. Michele from Florida

Cazzy said...

Another hop, great news. I love this kotm.

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