Don't forget this week's SOTW

Don't you just LOVE snowmen?

I sure do. 
Though, I have only built 
- one  -
in my entire lifetime.
And, he was teenie tiny.
Maybe 8 inches tall???
Because that was all the snow
I could smoosh together in 
Northern Arizona.

I got engaged that weekend too.
My first snowman and a ring.
It was kinda special.

Anyhoo, that might be why 
I really like snowmen. 
Like this cutie...

He makes you feel the JOY right?

He is going to make for some 
REALLY cute Christmas cards and tags.
Don't you think?

I have this thing with removing
arms on certain images.
It is weird, I know, but I like to do it.
So my tag snowman has no arms.
I still think he is pretty darn cute.

and sign up by tomorrow
to get this guy in your mailbox.

Then next week, 
another adorable or pretty or fantastic 
stamp will arrive in your mailbox.

ONE stamp a WEEK.
That is pretty darn cool.


Don't forget to scroll down one too!
is going on.
to see what you have been creating.
And, give a prize or two.

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