Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Inspiration Wednesday {with Lisa H.}

Hello and welcome!
I'm super excited about 
the project
I have to share today. 

It's Inspiration Wednesday 
and the first place I go
when I'm in need of
some inspiration
is Pinterest.

Ahhhhh, what did we do before Pinterest??

I spent a little time on Monday 
morning just scrolling through 
beautiful projects, yummy food, and all things holiday.

I saw these simple, yet classic ornaments. 

Next step, I went browsing
through my Unity stash. 

I chose THIS 
Unity Itty bitty. 

Here is what I made.

It really was quick
and simple. 

  1. Die cut two pieces of cream felt. You can use any shape. I went with a Postage edge die. 
  2. Stitch the two pieces together. You can use a machine or hand stitch.  Be sure to leave an opening at the top. 
  3. Cut a piece of musil or linen fabric that will fit the size of the felt you die cut from above. 
  4. Stamp your sentiment in permanent ink. I used Black Archival ink from Ranger. 
  5. Attach linen fabric to top of your felt pocket with double sided adhesive. I used Scor-tape. Be sure to cover the entire back side of you fabric. 
  6. Stuff your felt pocket with cotton balls or tissue, anything that will give it some "puff" will be fine.
  7. Add some twine to top of felt opening, with the ends tucked inside. 
  8. Stitch up opening. 
  9. Embellish with  button and a touch of glitter if you like. 

Find something that inspires you
and Create something today!

I think I'm going to make a few
more of these
to give my family
this holiday!

Have a beautiful Wednesday.


Jingle said...

I absolutely LOVE these! What a fantastic project!

Suz said...

Adorable. I like yours better than inspiration even. I'm pinning and planning to make some this year

tonya said...

I wish I knew how to sew...cant even sew a button on...:( Love these little cuties!!

marylouh said...

These would make great stocking stuffers or favors at a Christmas table. Great idea. Love the sentiment.

Karen (karey2005) said...

Gorgeous! Love these lil ornaments!

barbara macaskill said...

ADORABLE! So easy to make yet beautiful! Would make great place settings for holiday dinners or even BBQ's or great to have a few on hand for last minute gift giving!!! 4th of July bbq gifts, Valentine's day "cards" for the grandchildren to give out at school instead of the traditional paper cards! Oh my, the ideas are just racing around in my little pea brain now! Going to have to get the supplies out and get to work! Thanks for the inspiration!!

Debc06 said...

Cute have several of this type of ornaments that are in line to be made. Thanks for inspiring.

Jingle said...

Absolutely AWESOME project! I love this!

Niki M said...

OHMYGOSH this is so stinkin cute! And so true. Tings can always be replaced but love and family can not! I so need this stamps! Love this idea, would be so great as a little something extra on a present.

Kris said...

There is no store-bought ornament that can compare with a handmade one. This is just fabulous.

Terri Burson said...

That looks easy enough for even me to do. So sweet!

EstherT said...

I like these ... I'll have to make some with my daughter!

Ava Gavloski said...

A beautiful creative project, great showcasing of the stamp

tndj said...

fantastic and very creative project. Love it

Jen said...

Eeee, love it!! What wonderful gifts!

JPScraps said...

This is so cute!

cghundley said...

How cute and fun!
Would be great as
a gift tag also.
Carla from Utah

Shannon said...

Love this! You could even tuck in a little scent to make a sachet.

Vicki said...

Inspires me to make some of these for my family this year. Thank you

Ann Mcclenaghan said...

Very cute and does look like its pretty quick. I like quick sometimes. (-:
So many possibilities here. Thank you for sharing.

Gwen said...

Every year I give our three kids matching ornaments. I do believe I just found my plan for 2013!! Thx!

Karen said...

Love this so much Lisa! Such a fabulous project to try this Christmas season!! <3

sharon g said...

What a great idea. I would like to give those as gifts.

Benwah said...

What a sweet idea. Love the ornament/tag. thanks.

Jamie said...

Love this:)

Cazzy said...

Love this idea, I think you could stuff them with sweet treats and leave them open like a mini sack!

Carol x

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