Celebrating Mama's Birthday - DT Tuesday.

Hello friends!
It's Thienly here with DT Tuesday, so let's have some fun!

My Mama just turned 65, just two days ago.
She's a special woman -
beautiful inside and out,
and with her positive energy, humorous, and thoughtful personality -
she can pretty much light up any room she's in.
I just love her.

So, to commemorate her day,
I made a paper cupcake for her as part of her gift -
and I wanted to share that with you today!

 photo DSC_2604_zps3a73a034.jpg
She loved it.

With this project, I used the Birthday Jubilee sentiment kit.
(By the way - did you know that Unity releases a new sentiment kit EVERY month,
and they are all SO amazing?
The current one is a Halloween one, 
and am currently waiting for that one to come in the mail!)

 photo DSC_2605_zps126ce421.jpg
Here's a side view!

I didn't really do anything 'special' with the stamps - 
but just LOVE to used them with my papercraft projects, too!

For those who have cutting machines and are interested,
the cupcake file is from HERE.
(and for all other files info - come visit my blog!)

 photo DSC_2607_zps23a69ab2.jpg

So, I asked her what she wanted to have for her birthday...
and this is what she said.
(yep - found pretty much the 'quote' of exactly what she told me!)

 photo birthday_zpsf8817732.jpg

Just love this quote <3

So, we all took her out for a nice family dinner that night,
and treated her to a special drink :)
(Of course, I'm getting her a present, too!)

Here's a pic of us from that night - 
(my mama is on the left and I'm in the middle)
 photo birthdaypic_zpsaf2e033a.png

Oh, do we ever have so much fun together!

Anyway - enough about my Mama!

I wanted to share with you these two projects that I've seen using Unity stamps that CAUGHT my EYE!

I'm so intrigued by mixed media...
I love the way it looks, but for some reason, I'm scared of making one myself!
Pretty much - any texture, any color goes...
but I'm always afraid -
is it too much? 
Does it need a bit more?

So, when I see others make them -
I have a special appreciation for them!

Here's one from Tracy Easson!

 photo choice2_zps0975d243.jpg

I just love this - the colors, the balance, everything!

...and here's another that I loved - from Camille Robinson!

 photo choice1_zps28171743.jpg

I love this stamp and what she did with it is amazing!
 I love the layers on this, too!

If you all can leave a bit of love on their posts, 
I would LOVE that :)
 and for all the rest of you...
I love seeing what you all do!
Please keep on sharing your projects with us!

Thanks - and have yourself a beautiful Tuesday!

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