Weekend in REVIEW. with Ang.

ang here. 

What did you do this weekend?


It was a WONDERFUL, FUN weekend filled with SMILES and HAPPY.

THIS was my FAVORITE photo taken this weekend. 

Mr. Unity took it of MY BOYS and little ol' me.
I will treasure it - forever and ever. 

Don't ya sometimes wonder HOW IN THE WORLD you became so BLESSED? 

I LOVE those kind of days. 

Everything just is kinda RIGHT with the whole entire world. 
...THAT was yesterday. 

moving on....to keep you informed - so you don't miss ANYTHING at Unity! 

Weekend in REVIEW. :) 

It is MONDAY - the final day of this weekends Unity PROMOTION - it ENDS TONIGHT!

We have become accustomed AT UNITY to start all or PROMOTIONS and RELEASES on Thursdays and END THEM on Mondays at MIDNIGHT. 

It has been FUN coming up with something NEW each week to offer our Unity Friends. 

Life SHOULD have something NEW and EXCITING each week - don't you think?

Things to look forward to.  Events to HAVE FUN with....BEING PART of things that inspire us?

SO THAT is exactly what we try to do here with our little UNITY. :) 

Here is a re-CAP.

We have Mr. Unity who turned 42.
so you get and EXTRA 1% off! HA!
{minor details} 

With his BIRTHDAY we made ALL {itty bitty} stamps 43% off!

We also have a little IN STOCK sale going!

There are STILL over 70 items IN STOCK marked down up to 75% off for YOU to GRAB! 

Our SON JAMES makes your RUBBER Stamps. 
It is his SUMMER JOB at Unity - and he needed a little break.
So we took what we had on the SHELVES and put it on SALE to cut down on his labor time this week so as a 15 year old - he might be able to cut loose and go have some FUN! :) 

This is your LAST DAY to take advantage of this promotion! :) 

YOU really need to add to your {itty bitty} collection - DON'T you think?

We rarely have certain itty bitty stamps on sale.....the ones that we have in OVER STOCK get marked down, but of the over 500 images - the ENTIRE LINE is rarely marked down. :) 


...then check back with Unity each day leading up to THURSDAY when we will be introducing a NEW ARTISAN....

YOU will love her.