Monday, July 8, 2013

ang. mag. - time to start writing again.

i miss writing. 
life is SO GOOD right now.
the drama and craziness has gone away.
so - sometimes...
i feel as though i have nothing of worth to voice.

i realized - non-drama/NON- life falling apart expression STILL HAS a place.
'cause a whole lot of lessons are learned as we move THROUGH the hardships and come to a place of peace.
when LIFE is good...we can STILL BE expressive.
our lives do not need to be falling apart to SPEAK OF  worth and value.
....and lend inspiration.

here we go.

i am 40.
well, not really....but really.
i remember 13 years ago -  i spent time with  my STUNNING friend who was 32. 
SHE WAS so pretty - but  SO OLD - that i felt sorry for her.
isn't that crazy?
i think i was a little dumb {or simply naive and caught in my youth}.
just sayin'.

i AM BEGINNING to understand and STARTING to appreciate the beauty of age.
{it is  SO"different" when YOU are the one that is "older"} 

HERE is what I have noticed:

our HEARTS become a little more WHOLE {PERHAPS we start using ALL of it} - allowing for more OPEN space to all the things that we once thought we would never accept.

our MINDS become vessels of understanding - allowing opinions of others and their ways of life to be BEAUTIFUL instead of intimidating.

our BODIES kinda start fight against us - and give us the option of becoming stronger through succumbing to what is not fixable - or perhaps stepping up to a new awareness of what we are capable of aspiring to - finding a new awareness of "strength".

our LOVE becomes deep - OCEAN deep.  
the expectations we ONCE thought that love needed to ABIDE TO -  fall by the wayside simply because we BECOME AWARE that LOVE HAS no RULES. 
or expectations.
or illusions of perfect.
it simply exists. just love. 

always right. 
and purposeful.

we START TO LISTEN a little closer to the directions our hearts lead us.
and HOPE with everything in us it is purposeful and perfect.
{ it alway is if you are listening.} 

WE figure out that forgiveness is not as necessary as ACCEPTING what WAS -  so we can LOVE what is.
and it really doesn't matter what HAPPENED, but what is HAPPENING.

i kinda love it.
and HOPE that it continues to help me see what my heart already knows.
meshing them together. 
and lending an UNDERSTANDING beyond a doubt that this  LIFE is so very perfect through all that is UN-perfect.
...we are always "becoming" - no matter how old we are.
a little behind - and one step ahead all at the same time.
keeping us on the edge of where we are going.
remembering where we have been.
i kind love that.
a. lot.
caught in the moment. understanding the past with clarity - yet realizing that we are FREE to become SO MUCH MORE.
it is really good stuff.

embrace it.


Softpencil Studios said...

Love it and totally agree with every of your words, Angela! I'm 40 too and I'm liking that! ;)

Corrie said...

As I approach the big 40 I understand how you feel

Crestajune said...

Good stuff, Angela... as I am getting closer to 40, I have been thinking a lot of the same things lately. You have written it all down beautifully. Thanks for sharing.

Alyssa Leanne said...

Your words are SO beautiful Angela! I'm only 24, but I feel like I'm at an age where we start to be afraid of aging. We look around and we don't know who we are or what we want to be, yet we feel like everyone around us does, and we're terrified that we're running out of time. Terrified there won't be enough time to figure it out, or that we're simply "too late". Your words are a great reminder that there's no need to freak out about getting older, there IS enough time, and we WILL figure it out. I think the most important thing is just to appreciate the age that you are and stage of life that you're in while you're in it. Because they aren't better or worse, but different, and there are new things to love and appreciate all the time.

terriavidreader (IN-USA) said...

You are just a baby. But you have good instincts and so we'll let it pass for now. I liked your writing too.

Jean Bullock said...

Well said. Well said.

Pam said...

I so totally agree! Lovely word, thanks for sharing!

Pam said...

You've said it so eloquently. Thank you.

ouachitagurrl said...

Nicely said, but hun, you're not old yet and the weird thing about aging is you never feel as old as you are. 50 was the year that really hit me. All the people in my office do terrible old things for you on your birthday, buzzards and Geritol, etc. Even when you ask them not to, they do it. So here's my funny little story about 50. Most of the people I work with are a bit older than I am, when they started telling me I was going to be 50 soon, I just told them no, I'll be 49. So I made it through 50. Next birthday, again with the "you're going to be 50 soon" and I tell them "no I'll be 51." Dead silence...but you're 49 and with great glee I told them "nope, I'm 50". Loved it. I think that people should respect your wishes about how you want your birthday handled. Plus, if it was done in good faith, with real friendship and love behind it, it would be a good thing. But it wasn't, so that was a problem for me. But I fooled them. LOL I'm sorry, just had to share that story. I'll tell you how Fibromyalgia and 60 are when I hit that milestone. :)

Julie Odil said...

Forty,Ang. You ain't seen nothin' yet! I work in a nursing home. Let me tell you, those people know how to LIVe! And love. Each day. Each step. Each friendship. Treasure it. Life is fragile.

joyb said...

This is beautiful Angela! You're a very talented writer... keep it up!

Lisa Angela said...

this was so beautifully written and so true...thank you for touching my heart and really making me think about my life!

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