Inspiration Wednesday with Lisa Arana

and the living is easy.
~ ❤ ~
The sun is shining.
People are wearing shorts and flip flops.
I see bathing suits hanging on lines
and bicycles are everywhere.

It is a lovely time of year.
I went searching for some inspiration for today's card 
and came across these two images.

I love this old bike.  
It is well used and not 'prettied up.'
It wears its use and abuse like truth. 
I love that.

Another vintage well loved bike, 
but I love that the photo showed only half of it.
Makes you wonder what is going on to the right.
hee hee.

I combined both inspirations into this card.


It has a combination of colors from both photos (brightened up a little) 
and a bicycle showing only the front half.
Both of these great images are from the current kit of the month.

love the little things
 Don't you just love it!!!
I do.

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