Saturday, May 11, 2013

SMAK Saturday

I have to admit scrapbooking is something that I love but it doesn't come easily to me
which is why I love my Smashbook and SMAK kits
I love that the whole premise is just to 'smash' your memories in
Otherwise I would still just have them all in a drawer 
And Unity's SMAK stamp kits have oodles of perfect images

The girls on the page above are some of my favourite people
I wanted to celebrate this group of 'best friends' today
as one of these ladies just moved across Canada from us
Sadly the cost of flying within our own Country is astronomical
I can fly to Ireland for roughly the same price
I see a lot of 'face time' and 'skype' in our future

This page came quickly together once I found the perfect stamps 
I literally just hold my picture while I flip through my SMAK collection till it come to me
Love simple and easy :)

I have to admit I have the bug and need to keep creating today!

Hope you have a wonderful and fun Saturday!


Angie said...

Love the banners on this page, is this in your *smash book? I have been loving that SMAK kit, the piece of vintage 'lace' is my favourite and I have used it SO much already! :)

Andrea Murdock said...

this is in my smash book Angie! I love the SMAK kits too- so glad I decided to get them. I use them on cards too and I just ordered Project Life and can't wait to use them in there!

sue morris said...

What a great idea! I love your creations! I would not have thought about using the stamps in a Smash book. Brilliant!

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