Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Limited Edition Unity Stamps - Wood Engraved SWEETNESS!

New at Unity
{cause you know how we love NEW IDEAS!}

these are ALL specially engraved at unity – each one takes over 10 minutes to come to life on the engraving machine.  
limited edition stamps – each with their own imperfect perfect-ness in the grain of the wood.  
each one is individually engraved.  
we have 111 of the wood engraved stamps in our inventory and once they are gone – they are GONE!  
get YOURS fast. 
 a new HOLIDAY limited edition release will take place EACH MONTH. {this one was a little late – but watch for the st.patty’s one SOON!} 
 these are READY TO SHIP in time for valentines – adorable to display and can be used a million different ways.

February VALENTINE Release!
SHIPPING Immediately!

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flowerdisco said...

they are so very pretty :) yay!

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