hip hop thursday...back again!

hey there! you ready for some HIP HOP fun?!
here is a sneak peek..
yeah. how about that for somethin' to look at?! :)

don't forget to leave comments on the blogs for a chance to win one of three UNITY GIFT CERTIFICATES! awesome.

before you leave to hop, here my story. i know angela likes quoting people, so how about a six year old?

here is a funny story: on election day, i had my first graders write "if i were president, i would _____." of course i took their picture looking presidential. they cut themselves out and glued it to their paper and incorporated it into an illustration. one of my girls brought me her paper and showed me this creeper in the corner of her illustration. he was tall and had this big black hat on and a weird curly beard. i said, "tell me about your picture. who is this guy?" she said a name and i was like, "whaaaat?!" she said it like 5 more times and she added, "you know...the dead president!" i finally figured it out...he was , "BABY HAM lincoln"! abraham lincoln. fuh-nny!!

ok, go hop. start with ANDREA!!!

And here are the rest of the girls hopping today too.

Andrea Murdock - http://www.mystampingheaven.blogspot.com/
Eryn Hagen - http://vintageglamdesigns.blogspot.com/
Jen Erickson - http://shut-up-its-true.blogspot.com/
Jimmi Mayo - http://www.stampingwithjimmi.blogspot.com/
Lisa Henke - http://www.mylittlecreativeescape.blogspot.com/
Robyn Weatherspoon - http://robynweatherspoon.blogspot.com/
Shemaine Smith - http://shemainesmith.blogspot.com/
Thienly Azim - http://modpaperie.blogspot.com/
see ya later, bye. :) jen erickson

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