hip hop prize winners (better late than never)

yeahhhhh...so apparently my brain is fried after 80 million (or so it seems) parent-teacher conferences and i am LATE of posting the hip hop winners!!
from lisa h's blog:
BloggerJPScraps said...
Awesome card! I never would have thought to use cardboard on a card.
November 8, 2012 8:32 AM
from jimmi's blog:
Now this is my kind of card! I love this! You definitely rocked it, girl! Love how you shaded the outfit, it's just perfect! And I bet you would rock the outfit, too! Go for it, you only live once!!! Hugs from a 57 year old lady who's still rockin' on, too!!!
from my blog:
BloggerCrystal said...
I am in love with P.L for that very reason! It's so awesome that I am up to date with this current years album AND I did what you did and got last years album done in a few months this year. I love your layout designs on the kraft and that Baby Ham Lincoln story has me cracking up!
Thu Nov 08, 06:32:00 AM CST
To claim your prize,
please e-mail kelli@unitystampco.com
your full name and address.
Also, mention that you won a
"Hip Hop Comment
:) jen erickson