Thursday, September 6, 2012

thursday = hip hop BLOG HOP!

which means our WEEKLY BLOG HOP is in FULL swing...

it's eryn here with you today,
& i am SO EXCITED to have you!
{i used the august SMAK KIT in my project this week & had to show you a little snippet - i'm so in LOVE with the SMAK kits!}

here's the SEPTEMBER SMAK kit....
seriously, don't you love it?!?! :)

more details if you are NEW to unity.... 

alright....HOP on over to ANDREA first - there should be links on the bottom of each dt's post to click onto the next blog - if not, then come back here & pick up where you left off!

{Ippity} {Ippity}


Tina said...

i think the first link (andrea)is broken it takes me to some facebook thing and also jimmi does not have a post up yet and lisa dont either, also thienly send me to a facebook page to and so does erika...sorry ill check back on the ones that dont have a post up yet

Mary Friederichsen said...

Everyone did a beautiful job. Although Jimmi's post is for MFT and Erika has WOW embossing powders. Did I go to the wrong place? Sometimes blogger plays tricks and doesn't post for you when you think it is going to as well. I have had that happen to me!! LOL I will check back later as well for those 2! Have a great day Everyone! :D

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