Unity & Helmar blog hop...secret adhesive use!

Jimmi here.

Today is the last day of the amazing blog hop
with Helmar & Susan Weckesser Unity Stamp Co. stamps!
that means it's your last chance to get the
Susan Weckesser stamps for 35% off!
don't miss out on this deal!

I thought for today I would show you my very favorite
Susan W. stamps and my favorite Helmar product.

and I'll tell you an oddball thing I use that Helmar product for...
it's NOT for stamping or crafting!!

these are my very favorite Susan W. stamps:

sail away

le mason

autumn grunge

now let's talk about a wonderful Helmar product
450 quick dry adhesive, it's my lifesaver

I use it to hem all of my pants...YEP!
this girl does not know how to sew clothes...
not even a simple hem
but luckily I don't need to!

yepper I hemmed one of these legs Friday morning
before work...takes, oh about 2 minutes :)

just fold them on the crease that should already be there
and put a tiny bit of the adhesive on the edge and
press down til it's dry.
really use just a tiny bit, you don't want it to go through
to the other side of the fabric...that would be a mess
and might mess up your pants.

I have a few pairs I've done and the
staying power is awesome.
I have a couple pairs that I did almost a year ago
and they are still holding strong.


and some of the ladies at work have had me
hem theirs in an emergency...
I keep a bottle at my desk just for those occasions!
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{Ippity} {Ippity}