Saturday, August 4, 2012

Unity & Helmar blog hop...secret adhesive use!

Jimmi here.

Today is the last day of the amazing blog hop
with Helmar & Susan Weckesser Unity Stamp Co. stamps!
that means it's your last chance to get the
Susan Weckesser stamps for 35% off!
don't miss out on this deal!

I thought for today I would show you my very favorite
Susan W. stamps and my favorite Helmar product.

and I'll tell you an oddball thing I use that Helmar product for...
it's NOT for stamping or crafting!!

these are my very favorite Susan W. stamps:

sail away

le mason

autumn grunge

now let's talk about a wonderful Helmar product
450 quick dry adhesive, it's my lifesaver

I use it to hem all of my pants...YEP!
this girl does not know how to sew clothes...
not even a simple hem
but luckily I don't need to!

yepper I hemmed one of these legs Friday morning
before work...takes, oh about 2 minutes :)

just fold them on the crease that should already be there
and put a tiny bit of the adhesive on the edge and
press down til it's dry.
really use just a tiny bit, you don't want it to go through
to the other side of the fabric...that would be a mess
and might mess up your pants.

I have a few pairs I've done and the
staying power is awesome.
I have a couple pairs that I did almost a year ago
and they are still holding strong.


and some of the ladies at work have had me
hem theirs in an emergency...
I keep a bottle at my desk just for those occasions!
Now, don't forget to check out the
and the Unity Facebook Page, too!
lots of great giveaways!
AND, don't forget to leave a comment right here
(and each day of the hop)
for your chance to win your very own
Susan Weckesser/Unity Stamp Kit
the winners will be posted
so be sure to go back and comment
on all of the posts!


{Ippity} {Ippity}


Pam said...

Fun tip for the glue! And the stamp sets are really cute! Love the house!

Miriam Prantner said...

That is awesome! I actually have some paints that I got that I haven't worn yet because they need to be hemmed and I just don't fee like doing it. Gonna try this for sure! Thanks!

Toni K said...

I am loving Susan's stamps! And thanks for the tip ;)

JPScraps said...

Useful tip using the Helmar! I can't pick a favorite Susan K. stamp. They're all wonderful.

Crystal said...

This is such a great tip! I just love finding uses for my scrapping supplies in everyday life!

Karen Conner said...

Good to know about the Helmar glue!
Hadn't thought of it-but great idea!!

jennifer mitten said...

What a great tip for the Helmar qdhesive and I lovre your shoes! Those stamps are all amazing!!

Chris D. said...

Cool beans! I recently just purchased some Helmar 450 and this is a great idea for hemming pants! Love it!

Julie Odil said...

I've enjoyed the whole week of Susan Weckesser/Helmar & Unity. Thanks for the hemming tip. I've used Fray Check for hems. Now I know another brand that works, too.

Gwen said...

Great tip! Love your favorite stamps, too!

erin lee creative said...

That is hilarious! Nice to have on hand!

Janet said...

Your tip is cute.....I've done that myself! Thanks for the chance to win.

Angel said...

wow!! you mean helmar doesn't wash off ?? that's truly an amazing staying power!

jackie 4124 said...

Awesome tip. I'm not good at hemming. This would be way faster

jengd said...

I hate hemming... may have to invest in some Helmar glue! :)

Denise Bryant said...

The Quick Dry glue is great... can't say I've ever used it on fabric though!

Jessica S said...

Jimmi...I am sooooo gonna try this when I get some Helmar. My kids and hubby come to me all the time and say, "Mom, this has a hole in it", or "Mom, can you sew this?" My response is always..."You KNOW I don't sew" LOL
Love your favorite pics of Susan's stamps. They are wonderful.
Jessica S

Dawn's Craft Place said...

I love the hemming idea, always need products that work in an emergency.
Thanks for sharing your favorite stamps.

Ruby said...

Love the ideas and stamps. I have several on a wish list. My favourite ones are the banners. Great inspiration this week.

JenMarie said...

Ooo...good hemming tip! *love your shoes!*

Margie said...

Great idea for the glue! Thanks! I love these stamps too!

Lisa's Creative Niche said...

Love the sail away stamp... and the new idea with the glue! LOVE it, because I am short and this is perfect!

Michelle said...

What a great idea for the Helmar!!

Karenladd said...

Love that sail away stamp...and your use for the Helmar glue cracked me up! WOW! A whole year of holding up a hem is amazing!!

nicmowat said...

love that sail away stamp!

Melinda AKA medialady said...

Awesome tip for the glue!

Mary-Anne V said...

that is so funny how you hem your pants! Thanks for the chance to win.

Bhane said...

Great tip on how we can use tge glue.

liannallama said...

Love your story! That sailboat stamp is super-cute!

Tameko said...

Great stamps & hem tip. Thanks for sharing. I need some of that stuff now!

KellyCreates said...

Thanks for the non-sewing tip! hee hee....

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