Sunday, August 19, 2012

this weeks REVEAL...

aren't sunday's one of the BEST days of the week!? 
.....i tend to think so,
AND to add to your beautiful sunday, 
i {eryn} am here to today to share with you this week's STAMP OF THE WEEK!
booyaa as in BOO - HALLOWEEN 
is right around the corner!!! YIKES! ;)

soooo here IT IS...
Spooked up Laundry Line -
by: Tracey Malnofski {image} Joslyn Nielson {sentiment}

it. is. SOOOO STINKIN' CUTE!!!!!!
don't you LOVE IT!

i used this weeks stamp of the week to add a bit of halloween spirit to our home decor...i placed this paper lolly in an old jar with some branches that i spray painted white...along with some scraps of fabric.  i won't actually put it out for awhile, but i am happy to have a start on fall decor! :)  

are you NEW to what the stamp of the week is??
well for just $5.79 {that INCLUDES shipping us/canada}a week...
you get a brand NEW
stamp of the week sent directly to you.  

or get right to it and

here are some more fabulous projects created by the unity design team:

by Angie Blom:

by Shellye McDaniel:

by Shemaine Smith:

by Stephanie Muzzulin:

to check our past stamp of the week images AND PROJECTS click here!

i hope you've had a wonderful weekend...ENJOY your sunday!! 

{Ippity} {Ippity}


Pam said...

So, so cute!!!!!!!

marilyn said...


christine pennington said...

LOVE the SOTW! Can't wait to color it.

Anonymous said...

That is a cute stamp. Love everyones projects!
dmcardmaker (at AOL)

FeistyCrafter said...

Another great SOTW !! As always great projects to showcase it !!

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