Sunday, August 5, 2012

Stamp of the Week...Love this image!

True Love Speaks Volumes
isn't that the truth
I am a sucker for anything that is LoVe related
probably because I am lucky to have found it in my life

This week's Stamp of the Week is a great image to help make cards for the love's in your life
I like how it is a simple image but says so much

And Lisa's card that I have shared above- AmaZinG!!! 
Her card is so clean and simple
with a huge WoW factor!
GET YOUR STAMP of the WEEK -  shipped to you AUTOMATICALLY every single WEEK. 
What is the COST of the Stamp of the Week? 
$5.79 - that INCLUDES SHIPPING.  Just $5.79 gets you a NEW STAMP delivered to your door EVERY WEEK.

That's it. 
And you get weekly happy mail

And before I go I just want to share a picture that I have from CHA where I got to meet some of my amazing 
Unity Peeps!! Thienly sent me this one and I just love it!

That's me (Andrea) on the left, the ADORABLE Thienly in the middle and the AMAZING Jen Buck on the right. 
Love them
In fact...I should probably go make them a card to tell them that
I think I have the perfect image in mind hee hee!
{Ippity} {Ippity}


Jessica S said...

Love this new stamp. Great pic of the 3 of you!!

Kevin moon said...

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