sparkle, pop, and hip hop!

hey now!  welcome back.

it's jen erickson (aka, rockstar) here and i get to start you off on your hip hop journey for today.

i hope you all had a super 4th of july and it was not extremely hot in your neighborhood.  it was only 110 degrees with the heat index in my neck of the woods!  yuck.

oh!  before you start, you should know that unity has some OUTSTANDING SALES going on right now. 

there are 21 (yes..TWENTY-ONE!!) kits on sale for $4.44!!!!  shut the front door (cause it's hot and the air is on)!!!  along with that, the 3 new itty bitty stamps that were released last week are still only $3.29!!

you are going to start the hop today with ANDREA. Next Blog

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