Holding it Together...only a short while left to get this amazing SOTW!

Andrea here back from the Windy City and all the CHA previews. 
Phew! This girl is happy but eXhAusTed!
I got to see Angela, Christian, Jen, Carissa, Shemaine and Thienly!
So happy to meet more of the Unity DT in real life!

I loved seeing Unity stamps hanging in the booths of the companies we co-brand with
Those clear bags with their brown tags
I felt so happy and proud!
Nothing like being part of a team..an experience...that you feel so much pride for and seeing it echoed by others!

Speaking of something I am proud of...you NEED to check out the Stamp of the Week Program!
Click on the logo below to check out the deets..

I have some SOTW in my collection and I was AMAZED at the size of the stamps and again the amazing quality and 'stamp ability' of the rubber image. 
Unity knows how to make amazing quality stamps.
And it is so FUN to get one of these amazing stamps in your mail each week!
A small sweet treat just for you!

My friend Sarah was talking about the program and why she is signing up to receive them after seeing mine and I thought I would share her reasoning. She buys herself a hot drink at minimum once a day- some of the drinks cost upwards of $6 and she doesn't think twice about getting her caffeine fix. So why not spoil herself and instead of getting a hot drink on just one of those days she can sign up to get happy mail once a week!

What a great idea Sarah! But I have to admit that I bet she gets the hot drink each day and her stampy weekly treat hee hee!!!! I know my shopping partner in crime!

So grab this fun and versatile stamp while you still can and enjoy your weekly happy mail!

'Holding it Together' Unity Style..

{Ippity} {Ippity}