KOTM Monday!

Andrea here to post this Monday's KOTM inspiration!
But first...I have a confession
I have been a KOTM subscriber since March 2009
Yep that long
Can't stop....

3 years

And every single month of those years I have got my kit
I haven't been able to 'pass' on a single one

Even my cheap frugal hubby never asked me to quit it
he thinks its an amazing deal
full sheet of rubbah jam packed with images
Plus his wife feels like she gets a Christmas prezzie every month

Here's this month's kit: Sweet Summer Love..

Being in Canada this Christmas prezzie doesn't usually arrive till closer to the end of the month.
I CAN'T WAIT to play with it..seriously those ice cubes crack me up!
Just gives me time to play with the previous month's kit until my new one comes along hee hee.
Here is a card I made with May's kit. I used the baroque stamp, one of the 3 dress forms...
and those most perfect sentiment for either myself or many of my friends ;)

So when I say it is a good deal...
if you haven't signed up yet I recommend it...
I really mean it
Me and KOTM just passed our 3 year anniversary..
I need to make myself a card... ;)

{Ippity} {Ippity}