your LIVING canvas - with sweet Christy. :)

....this beauty
 Christy Campbell Tomlinson - is starting her NEW CLASS today! 


honestly, I PROMISE
 you don't need to be a "crafter" or an "artist" 
you just need to be alive & breathing for this LIVING CANVAS journey to begin.

.... it is about TELLING OUR STORY. 

- our stories matter to us - and those that LOVE US. they are
 a PIECE of us that will out last our time on earth. 
be sure to TELL your story - let CHRISTY help you. 
♥ she is a sparkly soul that you will LOVE to take a journey with! ♥

Sign up TODAY!
it STARTS Today!

Christy Campbell Tomlinson & UNITY - it works. 

christy sends me all her beautiful art, i turn it in to RED RUBBER stamps - then SHE TURNS IT INTO MORE uniquely lovely art, all while teaching US how to create a LIVING CANVAS of our stories. can't tell me for one minute that isn't perfect. hee, hee.

 ♥ - these beautiful background stamps are just A COUPLE  of the SEVERAL new stamps she will have 
available for her NEW LIVING CANVAS workshop. ♥

Plump Polkas


Click HERE to sign up TODAY!

....and start telling that ONE thing that will survive even life itself.

p.s. i can talk like i know, cause i DO KNOW this sparkly soul.

i LOVE and adore this beauty.

the moment you meet her.
you love her.
...and THAT is a promise. 
go get busy.
tell your story on your journey with Christy.

i'm gonna. :)
see you there!

{Ippity} {Ippity}