Thursday, May 10, 2012

This Week on UnityTV: Coloring Word Stamps

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This week on UnityTV....

Coloring Word Stamps with Distress Markers and Copics
Join me, Lesley Langdon for a scrapbooking project, creating journaling strips using Distress Markers to color Unity stamps and Copic Markers to dress them up after!

I am using the April SMAK kit, which is on sale for $26!

Featured Stamps:
Me Documented
(April 2012 SMAK Kit)

And here is the how-to video!

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Thanks for watching!


Lisa H. said...

awesome work, Lesley. love that you showed us those new distress markers. and always ♥ those smak kits!

B. Poteraj said...

I thought that using other markers/ink (other than Memento or another type) will ruin the tip on the Copic that not true? I've seen videos where they say it's a problem... sharon dot gullikson at gmail dot com

Lesley Langdon said...

Hi Sharon!

Thanks for your question on the blog.

I took the Copic certification, and a lot of us had questions about what ink to use, and Marianne Walker said to experiment, but avoid solvent inks. Water based or dye based inks are best, such as Memento, Brilliance, and Distress inks, as they have minimal affect on each other. When I did this technique, I had no color transfer, and my tips are fine. You will not ruin your Copic tips, and if any discoloration takes place, the Copic ink should still run clear.

Here is a wonderful Copic brochure that answers all your stamping and coloring questions.... It notes that Distress Inks are recommended with Copics, as well as Memento, and a couple others.

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