Tuesday, May 8, 2012

it's ippity, y'all!

have you seen the ippity stamps from unity?!  you can pick a chick and order.  it's quite easy.

i used my ippity stamps in a project life page.  see:

soooo...i have three kids, in multiple sports.  i bring my project life stuff with me to practices so i can work on them in the car or at the gym or ball field.  i pre-stamp my unity images:

and then put them in my bag-o-tricks and bust them out when i have a spare minute.

have a super day! :) jen erickson


Jessica said...

Love your project life pages Jen! Great use of those Ippity stamps!!
Jessica S

NoraAnne said...

Great idea to stamp and cut them out ahead of time! I need all the tips/tricks I can get for PL! I am so far behind but I am determined to get caught up and not give up! :) I love your pages Jen!

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