Simple Summer with Unity

Have you EVER heard of Simple Stories
stupidest question in the world.... i know! 

they just HAPPEN to be one of my FAVES.

They have a NEW LINE OF PAPER out!

Released and READY for you to BUY!
it is fresh.


so are the RED RUBBER STAMPS we have MADE to go with this LINE!
after Amber had her girl send these to me.... 
in pure giddiness - 
i sat and stared at the images.
over and over for a very long time.
i mean - HOW do you make stamps to COMPLIMENT this line.
nothing in the world could be as cute!

i pondered how to make the BEST use of their cuteness.

ALL -itty bitty stamps?

ESPECIALLY NOT after I talked to ANDREA at Unity!

"Make them BIG...." she said.
so i did.

we have a 
jar in this kit.


we have a 
ribbon in this kit.


we have a 
pinwheel in this kit.

Created by Stephanie Muzzlin {unity design team member}

is better.

so that is how we rolled with this release!

even the itty bitty ones are not itty bitty.
they are an itty bitty bit bigger than normal. 
'cause they CAN BE!

Created By: Shemaine Smith


Created By: Thienly Azim
{BRAND NEW Unity Design Team Member}

Aren't they all ADORABLE?So many different possibilities!

So NOW - you have a FEW ways to WIN!
Leave a comment HERE on the Unity Stamp Company Blog for YOUR CHANCE to win the ENTIRE NEW RELEASE of Stamps Shown ABOVE! :)


We will choose TWO LUCKY WINNERS from the comments that are left! 

.....go to the SIMPLE STORIES BLOG - Take a peek at THEIR post for TODAY - and leave a comment THERE! :)
Amber at Simple Stories is GIVING AWAY the FULL COLLECTION of her Summer Fresh Line!

last but NOT LEAST - your final chance to WIN...

....go to the SIMPLE STORIES FACEBOOK PAGE - and mention that UNITY SENT YOU!
1 lucky winner will be chosen from THERE as well!


These stamps will be RELEASING Tomorrow!
so watch the UNITY Website to purchase them for YOUR collection!
{Ippity} {Ippity}