pre-weekend promotion...a little messed up but still GOING ON! :)

EVERYONE is gone Memorial Weekend, right?

that is kinda what we thought - 
so here we are STARTING OUR WEEKEND SALE - before the WEEKEND! 
so you don't miss out on anything.
we would NOT WANT you to miss out! :) 
so - we are thinking ahead. 


so here we go!  
here is the run down of the promotion!

FIRST OF ALL $1 of every sale 5.23 through 5.28 - is being donated HERE: 

if you haven't figure me out yet.
i am VERY spur of the moment.
and i run quickly with things, once an idea pops in my head. 
this chick is not a HUGE PLANNER -i am a HUGE DO-ER.
it works. 
{well, MOST of the time} 

SOMETIMES i make teeny mistakes. 
like looking at the WRONG DATE for the holiday weekend.

I THOUGHT that Memorial Day was on May 31st.
so - my SALE was based around the number 31.

not so much.
i was mistaken.
it is May 28th.
{those stinkin' tiny details} 

....because i am so "off" sometimes - YOU BENEFIT!

instead of 28% off {ippity} for this promotion - YOU GET 31%!

instead of 28 selected unity kits being marked down...YOU GET 31!

so there. 
BE HAPPY i mess up...hee, hee.

HERE is what is goin' on.

31% off our {ippity} stamps. 
ONLY {ippity}
so pick your chick and SHOP!

take a peek at all the FABULOUS projects done using {ippity} in our UNITY PINTEREST Folders!



we also have 31 unity kits marked down.
{no added discounts please}

Here is the other FUN STUFF:

FREE Itty Bitty with every $25 Purchase
{add up to 10 favorites in the comment section upon check out - DO NOT add your free itty bitty into your cart - we will do our VERY BEST to get you the ones you WANT} 

$2 Shipping on ORDERS OVER $50
{after discounts have been applied your order must total $50 to get your $2 shipping - USA & Canada ONLY} 

You MAY see the discounted price WITHOUT PUTTING the code in - IF YOU DO NOT - please enter coupon code: SUMMER31 {all caps, no spaces} into the DISCOUNT CODE section upon check out.
the 31% will apply to the 206 {ippity} stamp kits only! :) 

any questions?
email our lovely -

by the way - 
are you COMPLETELY CONFUSED on {ippity}?
click here and the confusion will disappear in less than 5 minutes!!!

{Ippity} {Ippity}