Retired Store Kits AVAILABLE for a LIMITED TIME

Available for TODAY ONLY! 
A BLAST from the PAST in CELEBRATION of our 4 Year Birhtday!
These STORE KITS only $18 {plus $2.95 shipping}  

PLEASE NOTE: Each kit you purchase will be charged $2.95 EACH KIT - Shipping - NO EXCEPTIONS - NO Combined Shipping - These purchases CANNOT be combined with ONLINE purchases from the Unity Website.

Purchases for these store kits are for USA & Canada Only.

If you want to order these kits INTERNATIONALLY - please send an email to - she will have to bill you via PAYPAL.  Shipping for these kits INTERNATIONALLY will be $12 for up to 2 Kits. 
If you order MORE than TWO kits we will charge you $19.95 Shipping INTERNATIONALLY

100% Happy 

Everything Extraordinary


Believe in Fairytales

Sweet Affections

{Ippity} {Ippity}