{"nobody SWEETER"} Stamp for the Week

Hello and Good Morning everyone, Angie Blom here on this fine rainy Sunday..
 but, don't let the rain get you down..
Today is the day where you get to view the newest
 we are on Week# 13 already.. and we have this beautiful image by Joslyn Nielson..

here is my sample of this image.. I just LOVE how bright and "Cherry" it is!!

some of the Dt members have cooked up some yummy samples also using this image..
you can check it all out HERE!!

If you would like this image and more every week you can click on the banner above and it will
lead you to the Stamp of the Week blog where you can read up on the membership.
 or just go HERE, for a direct link !!

hope you all have a wonderful Sunday..

{Ippity} {Ippity}

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