LUCKY Friday the 13th! WINNERS from BLOG COMMENTS!

Ida said...

I have not yet had the pleasure of buying an Unity stamps but I must say that I really think they offer a wonderful and different selection of stamps and would so love to have the chance to possibly win some.

Tina said...

I dont have any unity products, but i so enjoy going from blog to blog looking at all the amazing creativity, and wonderful posts, everyone seems so nice...fingers crossed so i can enjoy all the amazingness


we gotta get ida & tina some unity!

mlady012 said...

You've ruined me for other stamp companies...Unity/Ippity is all I use now.They're amazing stamps,the people there are great...Andrea & customer service is the best.Angela..well you're quite creative yourself ..there's always something going on & you make people feel good about themselves alot.

Pryn said...

Angie Blom...I am so proud of you!!!! Your designs are gorgeous and I am so excited to see them come to life in have completely become the rockstar I always knew you you Sistah <3
Unity has become so much more to me than just a stamp manufacturer...your company is inspirational and all around amazing...helping me get through some extremely tough times as of late, and i just wanted to say thank you....thank you for being different....for being unique....for being Unity.

Darci said...

I love everything about Unity. How could anyone have anything negative to say about Unity?! Everyone is so friendly! Makes us feel like friends and not just customers. Angelas "words of wisdom" have hit home more than once and given me that lil virtual hug that I needed.

Your artists and design team are amazing. They keep outdoing themselves with each new release. I look forward to hippin and hoppin each Thursday!

Thanks for the chance to win.

cougarchick said... {COUGAR CHICK - LOVE THAT!}

I am new to Unity stamps and I must say I LOVE them ALL!!!!

Miriam Prantner said...

It was a little crazy over that at SCS....wasn't quite sure how to jump in as I arrived late. Love you guys, you always have such fun stuff going on, and I love the quotes/verses you have on your stamps. And I love that Jake guy. He has great ideas! He deserves a raise.

Shauna K said...

oh my goodness, the party was crazy- I never quite caught up before it wrapped up!

I love the amazing customer service, the amazing artistas, the wide variety of stamp styles (CAS, scrapbook-y, shabby chic, etc), the amazing sales and discounts happening all the time, the KOM club, and just the "one big Unity family" vibe you get from Unity staff & customers/fans :)

really, what's NOT to love about Unity?!?!? :D

Julie C. said...

How can you go wrong with a name like Unity? I love everything about you guys! I just joined the stamp of the week and I'm lovin' it! What a great concept - a special package in my mailbox every week. You're awesome!
Unity has changed the way that I craft…my stamps are more than just tools…they are an expression of me:)Amy#2 has left a new comment on your post "LOTS of PRIZES - POST A COMMENT! SAY whatever you ...":

Confession of a Unity Stamp Addict: This morning when I put on my underwear, I thought "Change, it's a good thing." 



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