stinkin' website - here is an ALTERNATIVE purchase method!

"the BACK BAR" 
hee, hee. 

The website is a little bogged down with HAPPY HOUR so i thought i would AT LEAST
offer up the ENTIRE 20 itty bitty stamps HERE on our BLOG.

2 things:

1. this will work ONLY if you have a paypal account
2. this will work ONLY if you want to buy ALL 20 without having to SEE them all

Here is the LIST of stamps - but that is the BEST i can do for you!
  1. Live in the Light
  2. Dance in the Rain
  3. Orange YOU Glad
  4. One of a Kind WINTER
  5. Mushroom Cottage
  6. Love RUNS DEEP
  7. Enjoy your Company
  8. Great Pear
  9. Love EVERY inch
  10. Thanks a bunch
  11. When life gives you LIMES
  12. You are my sunshine
  13. New set of Wheels
  14. It's a GIRL
  15. Tree of Friendship
  16. Frazzled
  17. A PEARently ADORABLE
  18. Classic Beauty
  19. To the bitty MOON and BACK
  20. You Did IT!
CLICK on the PAYPAL button if you want them all!

{paypal button has been removed - HAPPY HOUR is NOW CLOSED} 

{Ippity} {Ippity}