love. love. love. and some exercise.

Brooke here...
I have the HONOR of posting today
for the DT Feature Tuesday...
it. just. happens. to. be.


so... grab your COFFEE.
cuz there are LOTS of PHOTOS.
and hopefully LOTS of INSPIRATION!

The story starts here.
A few months ago... my sista friend ANGELA
talked me into joining a gym... and for those of you
who know me AT ALL.. that was quite a stretch... ahem.
I was NOT a fan of EXERCISE.

To convince myself to go, I paid up for
the plan worked.
I have been consistently going to the gym..
working out faithfully.
I even took a dreaded BOOTCAMP class
and survived to tell about it.
NOW.. things are just getting CRAZIER all the time..

If you know me AT ALL... you know that I have sworn UP and DOWN
to NEVER. EVER. under ANY circumstances RUN anywhere.
{unless a BEAR or other wild beast was chasing me}

Time to eat my words.
I've started RUNNING. just a bit. just a beginning.
but I've run 3.5 miles in two days. and I might like it.
or maybe not... but I lived through it.

to KEEP me on the straight and narrow path of HEALTHY.

so I decided to start journaling the following daily for 40 week days/8 weeks:
My Weight {EEK!}
What I EAT {EEK!}
What exercise I partake in.

My REWARD at the END of the 8 weeks is...
DAY off from WORK to GO shopping.

a simple journal wouldn't do.
I need something FUN. and CUTE to keep track of my info.
Of COURSE the perfect fit is UNITY STAMPS + scrap paper + a bit of TIME
{and some awesome KIDS who helped me put this ALL together in just a few hours}

I covered a BUNCH of playing CARDS with paper.
for EACH day there are 2 cards... one for me to write the date, etc
and the other to record the weight, food & workout info.
This is a work in PROGRESS {just like ME!} so the corners
will all be hole punched and the cards will be threaded onto a
HUGE ring that I can grab and toss into my gym bag.
Here are the PICS!!
the STACK. all different colors and patterns
to keep it FUN!

ready TO FLY.

all the CALENDAR cards look like the one above.
The opposing pages have blank areas for notes
and some UNITY inspiration via stamps!


every stamp in the stack is a UNITY stamp.
SO MANY fabulous bits of RUBBER to INSPIRE.


loved this one for the word BIKINI...
I WILL be getting a NEW ONE in 8 weeks.

This is the VERY LAST card.
I certainly hope I feel like a ROCK STAR after completing my challenge!

Thanks for letting me YAP on and SHARE about my JOURNEY...

NOW we need to get down to BUSINESS...
the business of LOVE

Here are some LOVELY quotes and pictures
that I came across on Pinterest...
wanted to SHARE them with YOU!

for the ONES you just wanna SQUISH with LOVE.

for your TRUE LOVE. XOXO
for the loves you can't be with. :(

for the EVERY DAY love.

no matter what.
simple. as. that.

have a HAPPY DAY!!