LEAPIN' into some {ippity} today...

Hi, everyone!

First and foremost, if you didn't read this AWESOME post including ALL the info you need for today's "LEAP back in TIME"SALE, please click HERE because I do NOT want you to miss it!

Here's some info on the sale as well:

I, too, am leaping BACK into the past with one of my FAVORITE past kits from {ippity}...CHERISH.YOUR. DREAMS.

This is one of my favorite kits and an awesome sentiment as well.   Have you ever felt like everything is just piling up on you and no matter how many different ways you look at the pile, it just doesn't seem to get any smaller?  In fact, from SOME angles, it even looks BIGGER?

That's been my life this past week.  I was FREAKING. OUT.
How am I going to get it all done?
How will the next week which is even BUSIER go if this week is so crazy already?

Well, you know what?  Tomorrow is Thursday.  The day after that?  Friday...and just like that... I'll have made it through the week that I thought was so overwhelming.  so busy.  

When I noticed that I was on for today's {ippity} post, I went through my stamps and this sentiment said "Hey!  hey you!  This is your week, girl...and you are getting it done."  Now, this quote could mean a million different things to a million different people and frankly, I've never looked at it this way before...
...still, it spoke to me today...and my strength was in all the LITTLE THINGS this week.

One by one, I'm getting it done.
So... a nickel's worth of free (and yes, I know, probably unsolicited, LOL) advice.

Small steps...small stuff...there is strength.
Having a rough week?  
STOP looking at the pile.

Look at ONE piece of it.  Get it done, and go back.  Pretty soon, the pile is diminished.  
It works, I'm tellin' ya.

Oh, and next time you catch ME freaking out?!  Please refer me back to my post today, k?

Have a FANTASTIC LEAP day- what's left of it!  Hope you made it a great one!
Jess :)

{Ippity} {Ippity}