an {ippity} love hangover...

{ippity} love

Did you all have a fabulous 'LOVE' day?  
The hubby and I are not big V-day celebrators.  I know, how lucky is he that I'm good like that.  Ha.  But we did manage to go out to dinner.  Have you ever been to 'On the Border'?  It is a chain mexican restaurant that we have in Arizona.  Not like the MOST amazing food ever, but it is good.  And seriously, the chip and salsa are da bomb. 

For Valentine's day, they had this free dessert.
Seriously... OMG!  It was way too yummy.
Happy Valentine's to ME... ahem, us. 

Now, I do always make the hubs a card.  
How could I not, right?

I tried to keep it more man friendly.  
No ribbon, no ruffles.  
Bling, ok, so there is bling.  Just a little.
The red paper strip is pleated for some interest.
The ippity {better together} was just perfect. 
Adore those love bees.

Lisa Arana

{Ippity} {Ippity}

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