Thursday, January 5, 2012

UnityTV Make a Stamped Banner for Home!

This week on UnityTV....

for your home photos or mantels!

This is incredible easy and quick to whip together.
Make one for all occasions, no expensive tools necessary!
Don't you love these stamped letters!

Thanks to Vine Images for the photo!

From Unity's FACEBOOK page - a SALE from Unity!
See below....get it before the sale is over!

Featured Stamps:

And here is the how-to video!

UnityTV Episode #43

  If you watch UnityTV on You Tube, go ahead and subscribe to the UnityTV channel (UnityStampCoTV), because the videos will just keep coming!

Thanks for watching!


Jamie said...

LOVE This!!

Rebecca Daniels said...

OMG, I love the little model holding the banner. What a cutie pie...and what a great snapshot!

SoSoBella said...

l.o.v.e. this!!!!

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