ippity and project life unite!

 I am sure you know how well Unity Stamps work on scrapbook layouts.  They are versatile and can be used over and over again.  I do now know if you are aware of this...but UNITY STAMPS are absolutely PERFECT for PROJECT LIFE.  Now today I will share with you a page of project life I did using IPPITY, but in the future I plan on showing the process and all sorts of other stuff, so check out my blog soon.  

Sorry the pics are so bad.  I took them last night and now I am thinking natural daylight would be better. :)

date circle
#1, filmstrip, crossword puzzle

And now...a quote:
I overheard one of my first graders this morning saying this to a kid from another class:  "My teacher may not look old, but she has old lady brain and old lady eyes and gets old lady cold.  I think it's a little crazy." 
Funny how they repeat what they hear, cause I say that ALL the time. :)

Have a super day! :) Jen Erickson