Hip Hoppin' Into 2012!

Jimmi here to kick of a Hip Hoppin' new year!
It's our 1st official Hip Hop Thursday of this lovely 2012!

What is Hip Hop you ask?  well, it's Unity's way of blog hopping!

The Design Team has a fabulous blog hop for YOU,
every Thursday!
Today's Hip Hop starts off on Angie's lovely blog
and you will hop along and see SO MUCH inspiration along the way!
All made for YOU by US!
just because :)

BUT WAIT, don't go yet....

Before we start the fun, I have a little special announcement to share...
it's exciting and NEW and again, for YOU!

We are VERY EXCITED about the NEW YEAR CHANGE with {ippity} stamps by Unity! 

Starting this weekend {ippity} will be available on the UNITY WEBSITE! 

Once the WEBSITE IS READY and all tuned up for this change over - All YOU will have to do is CLICK ON the photo of YOUR Favorite {ippity} CHICK - and BUY your favorite {ippity} stamps from there...HERE is something MORE LOVELY! ...if you would like to add UNITY STAMPS to your order YOU CAN! 

ALSO - Starting SOON - ANY Unity DISCOUNT CODE used in combination with your order of {ippity} WILL WORK, including Unity Kit Member 25% discount codes.

It is going to be UNITY SIMPLIFIED - making our {ippity} line available through your favorite {ippity} chick - RIGHT on the Unity website and SHIPPED TO YOU directly through Unity! :)

We are always full of good things around here ;)

Now let's have you start the fun for us...how does that sound?
Just CLICK BELOW and the magic will begin!

{Ippity} {Ippity}