Friday, January 13, 2012

Co Brand Friday... with Echo Park


Hi Everyone.. Angie Blom here.
 Happy Friday.. TGIF
Today is co- brand Friday.. and I am just in love with everything
Echo Park...

Isn't this the cutest Itty Bitty.. I just love it all!!

 It would make such a great Male Birthday card..  and it goes
so well with the Times & Season Patterned papers as well.

Have you also seen the new Unity
 well this week is just going by so fast.. so I thought I would also post a reminder 
 of what is new at Unity .
you can read about it all ..
 we have devoted a blog just for the
 Stamp of the Week!!

isn't it gorgeous.. and we will have another to show you next week.. yippee !!

Hope you all have a wonderful day.

{Ippity} {Ippity}


Marlena M. said...

I love that mustache as a background! Adorable, masculine card. ;)

Jessica K said...

Adorable card! Where do you get the card stand from? I love that too, but have never seen them anywhere.

Evette K. said...

I too just love this mustashe card. But oh dear another thing going on the wish list!!! HELP!!
Hubby has cut off funding for right now, of my "habit" which I can not blame him for. But it sure makes life dull for me. Boo hoo hoo. evette k.

Linda said...

Happy birthday angela

Angie Blom said...

Jessisa K.. I got my card stand (metal floral frog) on line from an etsy store.. just google metal floral frog.. hope this helps.

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