have you ever hit the WRONG "TO" list in your gmail?
i just did. 
yep - sent these SNEAKS out to my entire contact list. 
that is what i get for going on hour 15 of the day - staring at the computer.
{sorry, authentique!}

here is what i thought!
why wait till morning?!
MIGHT as well just GO WITH THE FLOW and show ALL of you these 
BEAUTIFUL images from Authentique Paper RIGHT NOW - 
...I happen to LOVE THEM, and was super excited about it anyway!

We are still gathering samples using these from the design team, but they are SURE to be phenomenal!!!!

while my heart starts beating again, because of the most recent mistakenly sent item from my mailbox, 
I HOPE YOU ENJOY each and every ONE of these MUST HAVE stamps!!!

Be sure to take a peek at the Authentique Paper blog for the big reveal of the matching line to these stamps!! 

{Ippity} {Ippity}