year 4 is upon us.


isn't that what we yell when our golf ball is about to hit someone in the head?
personally, in real life - i have YELLED that a time or two...
not because I have over driven my tee shot, mostly because MY golf ball hit the tip of my club  -  shot in a totally different direction and THEN nearly has taken out the pour soul on the hole NEXT to me.

do you ever have those moments?

you are aiming in one direction....very certain that you are going to hit one specific goal - and then ALL OF SUDDEN your shot {aka: YOU} ends up going completely somewhere different.
happens to me all the time.
all. the. time.
i think i have grown to love that.
what other choice do i have? 
good thing we can be willing to grab a different club, find a new ball, start over ....
or better yet, play the game out of sequence with people i never dreamed i would have met had i not made the so called "wrong move" in the first place. 

sometimes - i get frustrated by the "FOURS" in life.
i stand back and say FOR REAL? - is this REALLY happening?
couldn't someone have yelled a little EARLIER?  given me a LOUDER warning?
and WHAMMO. 

there we are have ALL BEEN THERE - standing on the verge of apprehension wondering "what next?"

and it is brilliant.
and SO MUCH BETTER than the original "shot/direction" you were taking, anyway!
UNITY has ALWAYS been like that.
...come to think of it - LIFE is like that.

this leads me to break the "big" {but not really that big} news.

you know what is different this year than last year, and the year before that, and the year before that?
has anyone noticed?
the ranting and craziness is g.o.n.e.

think about it.....

what is different?

who is NOT FREAKING OUT about CHA?

that would be me.
this chick.
calm and collected.
well.....not REALLY....but kinda.
just different.
all together.

why are we not putting up a big brilliant LOVELY booth?
we don't wanna.
plain and simple.
we just don't.

we have new stamps.
from our artists
from our co-brands.
matching all the up and coming best.
we are JUST GOING TO OFFER THEM from our little UNITY home.
we like it here.
it is where we do our best.

chris and i will attend the show.
meet all the people we LOVE.
smile, laugh and enjoy.

'cause  i shouted "FOUR" long time ago.
deep down in my soul.
year two.  CHA was AMAZING and LOVELY and EGO BUILDING.
year three. was just year three.  the SOUL STIRRING was not there.

new plan.
if your soul is not stirred...
time for a change.

YOU know how i LOVE new.
YOU know how i LOVE taking CHANCES,
YOU know how i go on FAITH and FEELING.
dare i say it...

i FEEL that UNITY has a CLEAR and BEAUTIFUL new direction.
supported by our co-brands.
supported by our staff.
supported by our customers.
and all we need is that.
'cause it is all about YOU.

so watch what happens.
no matter WHAT it will be INSPIRING....
and 2012 is SURE to be a lovely year.

we look forward to new friendships.
we look forward to understanding what YOU want.
we look forward to bringing you the tools to inspire your soul.
if UNITY can be just a small part of that creativity.

A HUGE thanks to each and every person that has taken part in our journey.
without YOU we are not UNITY.
there is a turn in the path where each one of you holds a special place in our hearts.
i hope that you will continue to be part of it.
enjoying every step of the way.
we adore you.

chris & ang.

{Ippity} {Ippity}