so much to say...but, in the meantime....

here is the dealio.
i have SO MUCH to TELL you and i feel SUPER EXCITED to do so!
i feel your energy and HOW MUCH you want to see this BLOG HOP!
we did a special AWARENESS HOP - and YOU have to see it!

so - 
GO PEEK and by NOON CENTRAL TIME - I will have ALL THE DETAILS of the NEW RELEASES and Mark Downs - READY for you! :) 

SO HOP - but don't SHOP....yet!
'cause there is STUFF to be said, and STUFF to be read in the NEXT blog post that will be READY by NOON CENTRAL.

You will get a GREAT GLIMPSE of the NEW RELEASES on this HOP, along with the October Awareness Kit of the Month!
Come back to the blog in a bit to READ MORE ABOUT IT! :) 

Start with Beautiful Angie Blom!

See ya back HERE in a BIT!:) 

{Ippity} {Ippity}