love love LOVE simple stories!!!

truth be told, i am a bit obsessed with the unity co-brand with simple stories!  i LOVE them.  it is as if someone got into my very own mind and made them just for me!  they are fan-flippin-tastic!  my all time favorite simple stories line is  SMARTY PANTS, from the elementary collection. 
i don't know if it is the fact that i have 3 school aged children or that i am a first grade teacher, but i just can't stop using these stamps.  (SIDE NOTE:  if anyone knows where i can get my hands on the elementary PAPER collection, let me know!  it's been sold out everywhere!)

you can check out more product at the SIMPLE STORIES BLOG.

instead of a quote today, i will leave you with a TRUE STORY.  this conversation took place on wednesday between me and one of my first grade students.

me:  "you have GOT to start listening better. what's going on?  what's the problem?"
boy: "i think i figured it EARS ARE OLD."
me (straight faced and serious): "really?  you think that's the problem?  how old are they?"
boy: "i don't know, but i am pretty sure i have had them since i was a baby.  they just aren't working right anymore."

have a great weekend! :) jen erickson