i like new stuff.

i may have told you this before.
when i stayed home every. single. day. as a home maker with my boys....
i moved the furniture around. 
a. lot.
like once every two weeks. 
do over.
i have this teenie tiny house, but i always found a NEW way to "arrange" things.

i think my house is very much like my business.
i don't like it to stay the same. 
i LOVE spontaneity - i LOVE trends - i LOVE surprises - and i LOVE NEW!

chris just shakes his head at me every time i say - i think i am going to release some more stamps.
'cause at that point he knows there is no stopping me.
he ALSO knows how much of a CRUNCH i then put on the people that it takes to make it fly....
'cause i never really have much of a plan, except just GET IT DONE.

so here is the process.

i decide on the stamps.

i name the kits.

i put all the stamps in a template in photoshop.

i send the template to jake and i send the final kit images to kelli.

jake either approves the layout our - or maneuver it around so it works perfectly on our ZUND rubber cutting machine.

jake then sends the template to the plate maker.

two days later the plate arrives at unity.

a matrix board is made.

the rubber is pressed and cooked.

the cut lines are programmed into the computer.

the stamps are READY!

in the meantime....

kelli makes the labels for the stamps, assigns them a number, upc code, makes it web ready, puts it on the website. 

....and done.

easy. peasy, right?
not so much...but completely smooth and do-able!

so i did. 

here are the sneaks.

they will be READY for Pre-Order TODAY! 
i will make another post when they are READY!
we will have them MARKED DOWN - and give you the option of a BUNDLE PACK for ALL of them!

It is a PRE-Release - PRE-HOLIDAY preparation SALE!

these NEW stamps and 25 MORE Holiday Kits will be available and LOVLEY PRE-Season Prices - so that YOU can get a JUMP START on your Christmas FUN! :) 

please keep in mind:

Due to the spontaneous nature that we have at unity to release new images, please understand that these holiday stamps will be shipping between September 30th and October 3rd, 2011. These stamps are not yet manufactured and we will need time to outsource the plate and then put them into production and fill orders. First come first serve, they will be shipped according to order number. If you want to add other stamps to your PRE-ORDER SALE please know ahead of time that they will be shipped ALL TOGETHER!!! Our minimal shipping costs do not allow us to ship out TWO orders separately. - - - - Thanks for your patience and understanding. It is a beautiful thing when you manufacture your own product, however I don't want to stress my UNITY PEEPS out by promising these stamps overnight! I need to be sure I am UP FRONT with the shipment dates. :) Let me know if you have any questions! :)

THESE  were a HUGE HIT at the Craft and Hobby Show by Christi Snow. 

they are MARKED DOWN and ready to come to your house to PLAY for the HOLIDAYS! 
aren't these the CUTEST STAMPS EVER?!
they are teenie tiny vintage stamps for hours of entertaining fun.
i need to go get them for ME! :) 

 from one of our FAVORITE Co-Brands
so ya wanna know what the Design Team is up to? 

HOLIDAY Pre-Season Preparation - for YOU!
they have made some HOLIDAY creations to get you inspired and AHEAD of the game!
take a peek!

i even did some samples.
late. last. night.
here are the pictures to prove it!

i will try to take some more APPEALING photos so you can see the DETAILS of the project, not my half sleeping MUG SHOT!

travel on my friends to the UNITY LAND!
tons of FUN to be had.
my UNITY DT GIRLS are waiting for you - ESPECIALLY our lovely DT Member that we are WELCOMING BACK - go find her!  Give her a warm WELCOME!

lator gators!  have a WONDERFUL Thursday - I will let you know when the NEW RELEASES are READY - and the MARK DOWNS are UP and READY for you to shop! :) 

till then ENJOY!

start with BROOKE! 
who was at SCRAPFEST with me all weekend.  helping out!
so much fun! 

{Ippity} {Ippity}