Thursday, September 8, 2011


i know it will come as a COMPLETE surprise when i tell you that i missed a few deadlines for SCRAPFEST.

i did. 
well, even more than a few. 
{insert sarcasm here}
BECAUSE I HAVE NOTHING at ALL on my to do list, NONE of us do. 
i feel so bad about missing the deadlines - i ALWAYS do that!  
why oh why am i like that. 
where are my organization skills, where is my attention to detail????
it is extinct.   
i think i lost it after raising all these boys - or i lost it BECAUSE i have 5 boys in my house at all times.
blame it on the boys, HA!

HOWEVER - the people at ARCHIVERS that HOST this lovely SCRAPFEST event at the Mall of America EVERY YEAR are so VERY PATIENT with me.
i love that.


THANKS TO ALL OF YOU and my LOVELY design team members for being patient with me today as well. other news...:)

Chris and BRO - AKA: Unity Boys are out on the road - HEADING TO Scrapbook USA in Utah and I am left to my own devices here at Unity.

On the HOME FRONT all FOUR of my boys has a full schedule as well as me having my OWN so it poses a little bit of a challenge in this part of the world. 

HERE IS A PLUS....{because I choose to look at it that way} - my boy LUKE, as of this morning, can now OPERATE a motorized vehicle LEGALLY.
yep...he is the proud guy that PASSED his driving test today.
thanks to his slacker mama - who didn't get him into drivers training in time, he waited 
after his 16th birthday to get his license - and he was so sweet about it. 
i love that kid.
he passed.
whoop! whoop! 
so happy cause NOW i don't have to run all over creation by myself picking up kids EVERYWHERE!

i am rambling.

here is the dealio. 
i have this GREAT itty bitty sale planned. 
but i don't have the time to throw it together today!
the details will be posted. 

in the meantime. 

if you have not done so ALREADY.
take a hop about the unity block. 
hee, hee.

START by CLICKING the button below. 
it will take you RIGHT to Brookie's BLOG.

Enjoy the lovely creations - and COME BACK to see us for the BIG Itty Bitty Sale tomorrow!
we are going to mirror what the boys are doing in UTAH at THIS SHOW!

Thanks again for your PATIENCE! :) 
so very much appreciated!

{Ippity} {Ippity}

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sharon g said...

Oh phooey, I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow morning at 5am, I won't be able to buy Itty Bittys from the sale... How does that happen? sharon dot gullikson at gmail dot com

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