Tuesday, August 2, 2011

just a quick thought....on "ruffles".

angela here - i LOVE this! 
it was sitting in my inbox, and i thought i would share. 
just 'cause i can! 

...if you become ruffled with every comment that
you consider a 'slight,' you will never find peace.

Nor will you find it by always separating yourself from
those who ruffle you. 

You can only end so many
friendships before you find yourself very much alone.

You can keep making new friends, of course, but
sooner or later they will ruffle you -- and then what?

Perhaps the better course might be to let the ruffle

 People rarely mean it when they do that, and a
touch of gentle tolerance and easy forgiveness every
day is even better than an apple...

-neale donald walsh
{a guy with good points}


i love it so much!
it is 100% true...and it is going in my SMASH BOOK.
just sayin'
something to pass to our kids FOR SURE!

{back to stamping}

how to you like THIS APPLE?
New from JILLIBEAN Soup!

This adorable little itty bitty matches the APPLE CHEDDAR SOUP Line from Jillibean.

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Hope you having a WONDERFUL DAY!

{Ippity} {Ippity}


Jane Wetzel said...

WOW....I never comment here...but sure had to now..G R E A T thought..I think somewhere I have to use this little thought you shared and omg, just LOVE this sweet apple..I want it! tfs! :)

Lynn said...

It is so good to read your comments - I have missed your bits of everyday thoughts - just sayin!! :)

NoraAnne said...

Wow, I love this! How, oh, how did you become so wise at such a young age?!?!

jhosszu said...

Wow is right! Wonderful words of wisdom. I love when I hear things like this, it really makes me take some time and reflect on if I am living a life full of love, peace, and happiness. And occasionally when I realize I have more stress than peace, sentiments like "ruffles" help me get centered again. Thanks for sharing.

marilyn said...

So very true. I try not to let things "ruffle" me - like people too much to get mad at every LITTLE thing.

wearestampers said...

Some people enjoy ruffling us, but in the end, they're the one who will get ruffled!! Thanks for sharing, and cute jillibean stamp!

Angie Blom said...

oh I have had my share of people ruffling my feathers.. I handle it by ignoring and believing in what I know is true.., and getting on with what makes me happy and my family happy. people will always test you in life.. ruffle your heart.. your strength will put one on them by not giving in to their acts . Smile at them and walk away... ( now stampy).. love love that apple.

Jess-The Whimsical Butterfly said...

HOW fun and appropriate that I should stumble upon this after having a little dose of it myself this morning. Stinks to think that there may be people in this world who want to 'ruffle' just for the sake of ruffling but out of that cloud of frustration you can definitely see who the honest and genuine ones are and who is there because they might just have something to prove. I agree w/ Angie- SWEET SWEET Angie Blom- getting on with what's important is the best way to deal with "rufflage" (like that? heehee). IN every family, relationship, friends there is some ruffling but it's very easy to see when it's done w/ a pure heart vs. when it isn't. We all have strong opinions, beautiful voices, and even though we don't always sing the same song, it shouldn't ruffle our feathers- it should just patch us together kinda like a quilt. Not one square look the same, but stitches together and it still 'works' . AND-it gives off warm fuzzies when we need them. THAT's what it's all about, right? <3 Thanks for posting- love and miss you ALL! Still no place quite like Unity, thats for sure!

sharon g said...

I try to remember, and hope that others do too, that we sometimes misunderstand what people are saying or doing. It's especially true when the message comes via email. Most people, most times, are trying to be helpful when they make suggestions. And if someone has an opinion, it's just that--an opinion. We don't have to take it on as if it's true (sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't...). You are doing a great job.

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