I'm in LOVE with itty bitty....

Of course I LOVE the {itty bitty's} too but have you ever really looked at just how CUTE the packaging is!!
I was saving all of mine to make an index of all the {itty bitty's} I have.
I was going to hook them all together with a jump ring so I could keep track of which ones I already had...I'm super crazy about organization like that.
Oh by the way...this is Maria ;)
Anyway...as the organization idea was floating around in my head I decided they would make a much cuter mini album...so I made one!
 sentiment from {July KOTM}
 butterflies from {Direction of Happy} itty bitty

 sentiment from kit {One of a Kind}

 sentiment from kit {Blossom Soup}

 sentiments from {Absolutely Priceless} itty bitty
airplane from {Go See Do} itty bitty
 stars from {Twinkle Twinkle} itty bitty
sentiment and butterflies from {Direction of Happy} itty bitty

I have MORE packaging and I will DEFINATELY be making more of these.  This one was just a hodge podge of extra pictures of my kiddo's when they were littler.
You could also make:
-a sentiment album (because Unity has a TON of stamps perfect for this)
-a school album (perfect for wallet size school photos)
-holiday book
-vacation album
-the possibilities are ENDLESS!!!!

So save your packaging or better yet...order some of the NEW itty bitty's...you won't be disappointed :)
{Ippity} {Ippity}

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