Friday, August 5, 2011

...have your OWN. :)

another post on individuality.
'cause i happen to LOVE individuals. are WONDERFUL just the way you are
...and so is
everybody else.

Sometimes we want the kind of acceptance that we
are not willing to giveYet life is a two-way street,
and we do so much better when we send to others
what we want them to send to us.

Just a gentle reminder today that you are wonderful,

and, guess what - the person right next to you is, too!

-neale donald walsh

i love this. 
what a sweet gentle reminder to just accept.
just as they are.
{including yourself}

wasn't there a movie called "the world according to GUMP?" - or something of the sort?

we all live that movie every day.
however...the accurate title would be - 
"the world according to ______________ {insert your name}"
that isn't selfish - it just IS.

we all look around and see things ONLY from within our heart.
what we find inspiring just might be a JOKE to the next person.
that is alright.

what we find entertaining, might bore the heck out of the next person.
that is alright.

what we think is right or wrong, might be completely opposite to the person right next to you.
that doesn't make them evil or wrong or just makes them....THEM.- and YOU....YOU.
how entertaining would it be to find out WHY you have opposing views? 
which, yep -  happens to be ALRIGHT.

here is the beautiful thing.
those opposing views...seep into your soul, and save you.
 be thankful that people are strong in their beliefs, their experiences, and themselves.
be thankful you are different than the next guy...cause he just may have that little something that changes your life.

what a wonderful world we live in...
do you see it?
through all the struggles, through all the pain and hurts...
do you FEEL the love?
all the DIFFERENT kind of love surrounding you always.
hang in there, YOU are WONDERFUL - just like the person next to you.
be sure to reach out and discover exactly WHY that is. the first step.
understanding is healing.

YOU have your OWN...
your own ideas.
your own journey.
your own life.
your own experiences.
so OWN them...share them.
YOU have YOUR OWN wonderful.
....and so does "THAT GUY"....

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{Ippity} {Ippity}


Bonita Rose said...

this is so beautiful. thks for sharing your thoughts and your heart with me today. xo hugs

Jess-The Whimsical Butterfly said...

I wish we could make T-shirts saying that! Have. Your. OWN. make sure you OWN your "own". LOL. Love this post. I have come to learn and am still learning that there is a very quick 'switch' between having and EMBRACING a difference of opinion with someone and flat out arguing. Of course, we SHOULD be passionate about our beliefs but I LOVE this post most of all because you can learn SO much from other people's GENTLE objectives. I really think delivery is so often the key. We all may have things that we won't 'budge' on, but in the end, we want nothing more than to be accepted and understood. Beautiful girl, you've hit the nail on the head. thanks once again for putting it out there <3 I sometimes need the reminder myself and most of all just love the way you've put this into words. Acceptance is such a beautiful thing!

AlpacaRose said...

You have touched my heart. Thank you for sharing so deeply.

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